Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Wi-Fi Network Upgrade


The TVDSB 2015-17 Multi-Year Operational Plan identified the provisioning of a robust infrastructure as one of the key initiatives. Key to this initiative is the reliability and capacity of the school Wi-Fi network.


A joint Information Technology Services (ITS) and Facilities Services project to increase Wi-Fi capacity in all our schools began in October 2015 with deployment of wireless network access points beginning in May 2016. The Project was substantially completed by the end of December 2016. The deployment placed nearly 6500 wireless access points in 166 locations. The network currently supports approximately 35,000 devices every school day and has sufficient capacity to continue to grow.


Students are now able to make effective use of mobile computing devices, such as Chromebook, iPads, and lap tops throughout their schools. The newly deployed Wi-Fi infrastructure is enabling new, innovative learning opportunities, such as SOLE Centres, Google Apps for Education (G Suite) and many exciting Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Raspberry Pies, Spheros and robotic devices.


Wide Area Network Upgrade


The deployment of enhanced Wi-Fi to all schools has increased the demand for Wide Area Network (WAN) services.  Thames Valley ITS has been working with vendors and securing funding through provincial initiatives, to provide increased Internet access to the majority of TVDSB locations. It is expected that all TVDSB locations will have enhanced Internet capacity by spring of 2017.