Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Strategic Priority #3: Rethink Secondary Learning

Goal: To ensure our students and staff have the knowledge and skills to be successful in a global and technologically advanced society

…by assessing current programming opportunities available to students:


  • Through Research and Assessment, current program opportunities were identified and assessed as part of the Rethink Secondary Learning initiative. This priority will continue through the 2016-17 school year as part of the implementation of the initiative.


…by engaging all stakeholder groups in identifying student’s needs and interests, and emerging local and global needs:



…by exploring programs, practices and structure that meet identified needs and aspirations:


  • Through the leadership of Board and school staff, new programs and delivery structures will be piloted during the 2016-17 school year in several secondary schools.

  • An International Student Certificate for current Thames Valley secondary students was designed and is being piloted in five secondary schools during the 2016-17 school year.

  • An International Baccalaureate program (Diploma Program) is being researched for potential implementation in Thames Valley.


…by creating a report to enhance secondary programming:


  • A comprehensive Rethink Secondary Learning report was presented to the Board of Trustees. This report has been broadly shared with all boards in Ontario, the Ministry of Education, TVDSB staff and community partners.