Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Strategic Priority #2: Information and Communications Technology

Goal: To ensure our students and staff have the knowledge and skills to be successful in a global and technologically advanced society

…by providing a robust infrastructure to support increased use of mobile and cloud-based technologies.


  • Initiated an upgrade of the Wide-Area Network and Wi-Fi in all school sites.

  • Implemented the GOTVDSB Domain to support all TVDSB users (Google Apps for Education tools).

  • A shift in focus to mobile technology was evidenced by the purchase of approximately 5400 mobile devices in schools.

  • Changed purchasing requirements for schools thereby ensuring that students and staff have access to new technology which will better meet their needs.


…by enhancing professional learning opportunities related to technology:


  • The CODE Project hosted 153 schools (The Year of the Library Learning Commons) with teams of staff from each school participating in four professional learning sessions.

  • The continued use of SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments) Centres for student collaboration.

  • Use of Google Classroom to augment student and staff online collaboration.

  • Implementation of video announcements in schools, created by students in Library Learning Commons.

  • Digital Citizenship website was developed and communicated to students, staff and parents.

  • Virtual Library Learning Commons website was developed and communicated to students and staff.

  • TVDSB hosted representatives from six Ontario Boards of Education and the Ministry of Education who toured schools to understand our transition from traditional libraries to Library Learning Commons.


…by implementing an enhanced telecommunications system:


  • Developed a plan for the system-wide implementation of elementary Web Attendance in 2016-17.

  • System-wide implementation of SchoolConnects Safe Arrival Reporting System.

  • Developed a plan for enhanced collection of student data from parents via the Parent Portal in 2016-17.

  • The Communications' Department, in collaboration with ITS, has initiated the transformation of a new corporate website and school websites.  Implementation is scheduled for the Fall of 2017.

…by exploring new technologies:

  • Staff engaged in a CODE Project to explore new technologies for the Makerspace, Creative Space, and Communication Space in a Library Learning Commons.


  • TVDSB hosted an international Google Summit in May 2016.  Over 325 staff engaged in professional learning related to new technology applications.