Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Strategic Priority #1: Culture for Learning and Innovation

Goal: To establish a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of the organization

…by creating the conditions necessary for a culture for learning and innovation to flourish (trust, optimism, risk-taking, resiliency):


  • Established the Board’s Strategic Plan as a framework for the work of System Staff Development, with respect to performance appraisals and growth plans.

  • Designed and implemented the award winning GENTLE Centre to receive and integrate 477 Syrian newcomer students into Thames Valley Schools.

  • Created a multi-board, multi-agency coalition in response to the youth suicide cluster in Woodstock. This group has provided support, strategies and responded to community concerns.

  • All school Administrators, Superintendents of Student Achievement, and the Director of Education participated in professional learning networks involving leadership inquiries.

  • The new role of Student Achievement Leader was established in secondary schools (pilot for 2016-17 school year) to encourage innovative practices by staff which promote student learning.

  • Teachers and school leaders came together to share ideas related to innovative organizational and instructional practices in secondary schools. Several secondary schools will pilot their own version of a ‘School Within a School’ model of programming during the 2016-17 school year.

  • Interdepartmental teams from the Education Centre created opportunities for staff, on their own volition, to participate in activities to promote wellness.

  • Spaces in many schools and the Education Centre have been redesigned to promote collaboration for both staff and students.


…by creating opportunities that demonstrate that the Board values risk-taking, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement:


  • Implemented the ‘Do 1 Thing Challenge’ – school teams empowered to establish their voice and culture for learning.

  • Developed a plan to centralize charter bussing for implementation in 2016-17, to better serve the needs of students and staff.

  • Restructured HR Department to better serve the needs of staff – to be implemented in 2016-17.

  • Restructured Communications Department to respond to stakeholder input and best practice in the industry, to better meet the needs of the TVDSB learning community.


…by aligning innovative improvement practices with the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) and School Improvement:


  • Interdepartmental work and system messaging provided to school leaders regarding school improvement focused on the BIPSA, while at the same time honouring local innovation.