Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Rethink Secondary Learning


Rethinking our secondary education – our instructional practices, our programs and our spaces was identified as a key strategic priority in the TVDSB 2015—2017 Multi-Year Operational Plan.  In response, Thames Valley staff reached out to students, parents and caregivers, teachers, administrators, Trustees, recent graduates and postsecondary institutions and employers for their input on what secondary education could, and should look like.  Over 2000 individuals responded and their comments and suggestions were collated in the ‘Rethink Secondary Learning – A Resource for Moving Forward’ report.


To help move the ideas and suggestions outlined in the report forward, a Rethink Secondary Learning team was created.  Since September, this team has been working on how Thames Valley can deliver on some of the key strategic areas that will most impact student learning. Action items and next steps will be captured in a second report, which will be released this Spring.


Together, we can collectively shape the secondary school experience to better meet the evolving needs and aspirations of our students and staff.