Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

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Dreambox Learning and Knowledgehook Premium


Thames Valley is currently using Dreambox Learning Math software in over 70 schools with approximately 5800 students, as well as Knowledgehook Premium in over 200 classes and in all secondary schools.  Student users of these programs span all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 11, with Knowlegehook Premium supporting students from Grades 6 to 11 and Dreambox Learning from Kindergarten students to students of Secondary Developmental Education.


Dreambox Learning uniquely supports student learning to promote conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency using an intelligent adaptive approach that constantly monitors student responses in the program to close gaps and move students forward with confidence.  Similarly, Knowledgehook Premium provides another tool for students and educators to explore mathematical content in a responsive nature, allowing for feedback, intervention and regular teacher and parent communication.


Early reports on both programs’ use indicate greater student comfort and confidence using powerful math models and reasoning strategies. Teacher monitoring of student work is also supporting teacher learning needs to help make math learning accessible for their students.