Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

CODE Project - Library to Learning Commons


In the 2015-2016 school year, a project supported by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) through the Teaching and Learning Fund (TLF) was undertaken to transform the libraries in TVDSB schools to the Library Learning Commons model.  A Library Learning Commons incorporates a variety of flexible spaces that foster collaboration and creativity.


A total of 21 professional learning sessions brought together over 30 professional learning leaders/mentors, 153 TVDSB schools, 153 school administrators, and over 500 teachers with the goal of reaching our entire student population of over 73,000 students.


The project focused on:

  • Increasing the use of both inquiry learning and cloud-based computing within our Board;
  • Investigating student achievement via engagement, and empowerment of voice and choice;
  • Capitalizing on the power of the Teacher-Librarian Role including the flexibility it allows for partnerships with classroom teachers;
  • Introducing emerging technologies (e.g., Sphero, Makey-Makeys, Ozobots, etc.) into our buildings to allow for both teacher and student learning;
  • Making explicit curricular connections with the emerging technologies that schools purchased through the project; and
  • Creating awareness of the potential that exists for learning beyond the walls of the school via virtual platforms.


The project had a significant and lasting impact throughout Thames Valley, not only in the changes that were made to physical spaces, but more significantly in the ways that these spaces are being used.  Students and staff continue to explore emerging technologies and are making use of creative spaces to enhance and demonstrate their learning.