Thames Valley District School Board

2015 Annual Report

A Message from the Chair of the Board

Bill Mckinnon

The Trustees of the Thames Valley District School Board share in the responsibility for the success of each student and for the financial and operational performance of the organization. As your elected officials, our mandate includes promoting student achievement and well-being, delivering effective and appropriate education programs for students, and providing stewardship of Board resources.


The Thames Valley District School Board has 15 Trustees. In the 2014 Municipal Election, 12 individuals were elected to represent the City of London and the Counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford. Our First Nations Trustee is selected by the First Nations communities, and our two Student Trustees are elected by their peers.


At the centre of everything we do, are our students. Our Mission, Vision, Strategic Priorities and Commitments provide the strong foundation that guides our daily actions and decision-making. Student achievement will always be our number one priority and we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of learning in our schools.


Our Board meetings will be structured differently in 2016. The Board will meet once per month and we have introduced two new advisory committees – the Planning and Priorities Committee and the Programs and School Services Advisory Committee. All meetings are open to the public and the meeting schedule is available at:


Our staff members and Trustees are committed to working collaboratively to 'Build Each Student’s Tomorrow, Every Day.' I hope you share my pride in our system and enjoy reading the inspiring stories and reports in this year’s Annual Report.






Bill Mckinnon,

Chair of the Board