Thames Valley District School Board

2016 Annual Report

Facts and Stats

The Thames Valley District School Board is one of the largest public school boards in Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 kilometres and across more than 7,000 square kilometres.


TVDSB came into being on January 1, 1998, with the amalgamation of the Elgin County Board of Education, the Board of Education for the City of London, Middlesex County Board of Education and Oxford County Board of Education.



Elementary: 130

Secondary: 27


Elementary: 52,048

Secondary: 23,751


FDK Students: 9,967


Principals and Vice-Principals: 267

Elementary Teachers: 3,352

Secondary Teachers: 1,682

Educational Assistants: 780

Early Childhood Educators: 397

Continuing Education Instructors: 71

Professional and Support: 219

Custodial and Maintenance: 651

School Clerical: 410

Other: 249

Total: 8,078


Main Data Feeds

LargNET: 2.66 Terabits

Packetworks: 2.14 Terabits

Total: 4.8 Terabits per day


Wireless BYOD Data Feeds:

Total: 3.649 Terabits


Grand Total: 8.06 Terabits per day (approx.)


Number of inbound emails: 30,000 per day (approx.)



Elementary Students: 22,796

Special Needs: 764


Secondary Students: 10,024

Special Needs: 611


Energy Consumption

Electricity: 72,230,502 kWh

Natural Gas: 11,168,947 m3

Fuel Oil: 33,754 L

Propane: 46,911 L

Waste Management

Recycling: 440, 789 kg per year

Average of 36,500 kg per month



Administrative Overview

Laura Elliott

Director of Education


Jeff Pratt

Treasurer & Associate Director, Organizational Support Services


Valerie Nielsen

Associate Director,  Learning Support Services



Superintendents of Student Achievement


Sheila Builder

Special Education, AODA, B. Davison S.S., London South S.S., W.D. Sutton and Section 23 family of schools


Riley Culhane

Curriculum K-12: Math, Science, Arts, Literacy/Languages, ESL + general elementary, Early Years, and Sir Frederick Banting S.S. family of schools


Michelle Deman

BIPSA, SIM, Research & Assessment, SEF Lead,  Home Instruction, H.B. Beal S.S. and Montcalm S.S. family of schools


Karen Edgar

Culture for Learning, Student Discipline, and the College Ave. S.S., Huron Park S.S. and Woodstock C.I. family of schools


Lynne Griffith-Jones

Human Resources: Teaching, Support Staff HR Systems/OT/DMO, and Health & Safety


Don Macpherson

Curriculum K-12: Phys. Ed/Health, Social Sciences/Geography/History+ general secondary, Tech, Business, TVSSAC, Pathways, Arthur Voaden S.S., Central Elgin C.I. and Parkside C.I. family of schools


Paul McKenzie

Innovation, FNMI, TVACE, Student Trustees, East Elgin S.S., Glendale H.S., and Ingersoll D.C.I. family of schools


Marion Moynihan

Information Technology Services, Library Services, School Year Calendar, London Central S.S., Medway H.S., and Oakridge S.S. family of schools


Rose Anne Kuiper

TVPIC & Parent Engagement, Supervised Alternative Learning, A.B. Lucas S.S., Saunders S.S., and Westminster S.S. family of schools


Sheila Powell

Staff Development, New Administrators, Promotional Practices, Clarke Road S.S., Lord Dorchester S.S., and Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S. family of schools


Karen Wilkinson

School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education and School Support Initiative, Glencoe D,.H.S., North Middlesex D.H.S., Strathroy D.C.I., and West Elgin S.S. family of schools


Christine Beal
Superintendent of Business

Business Services, Payroll, Purchasing, Finance, Operational Accounting, and Transportation


Kevin Bushell
Executive Officer

Facility Services and Capital Planning